Thermal coating finishing

VIMARK’s aerogel based thermal coating finish, will combine the high thermal resistance of aerogel material with low emissivity components to increase wall surface temperature and enhance thermal comfort of occupants.

The aerogel based thermal coating finish is mainly designed for thermal bridge correction and consequently limiting mould growth by displacing the point of surface vapor condensation to allow wall’s surface temperature stability. This factor increases thermal performances of building envelope and provides additional benefits as improved indoor air quality by reducing spores and mould in the indoor environment.

The installation of the product on indoor surface of external walls will keep surface temperature warmer during winter time, allowing a reduction of set point temperature of heating services by 1°C or 2°Celsius degrees. The reduction of operating temperature during the heating season will lead to a decrease of building energy demand by 13%

These factors make the product particularly suitable for indoor installation on existing or historic buildings where there are limitations for intervening on building facades. Nevertheless, the thermal coating finish will be suitable for indoor applications in new constructions and will be complementary to the installation of the internal high performance insulating plaster.

Advantages :

- Reduction of cold wall sensation

- Thermal comfort

- Control of surface vapour condensation

- Mould growth limitation

- Low thermal transmittance