Internal High performance Insulating Plaster

VIMARK aims to develop a novel, sustainable and affordable nanostructured thermal insulating plaster to improve thermal efficiency of new and existing buildings. The insulating material shall have enhanced performances compared to state of the art products and will be crucial for the reduction of heating energy demand of buildings, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.

The high efficiency insulating plaster for the insulation of internal walls, will be light, premixed, ready to use, suitable for both new construction solutions as well as refurbishment and renovations.

At reduced thicknesses, the aerogel-based indoor insulating plaster shall be at least 35%- 40% more energy performing than similar products on the market for the same thickness.

The aim is to reach a thermal conductivity below 0.03 W/mK in real applications.

The product will be suitable to be combined with the thermal coating finish so that the two products shall provide a complete interior insulation system

Advantages :

- Low thermal transmittance

- Rapid installation

- For new and existing buildings

- No VOC emissions