Insulating Interior Patching filler

TOUPRET will develop an innovative and cost effective insulating interior patching filler  – based on Aerogel technology.

This product provides a solution to delivering increased thermal performance at specific points in walls in residential or non residential buildings.

Thanks to its special composition and material properties, this new filler is specifically suitable to treat holes, cracks and other gaps, e.g. around window or door frames… thus avoiding energy loss, and providing significant environmental and health benefits compared with current solutions (e.g. VOC emissions, fire-safe…).

The objective is to provide a fire safe aerogel-based insulating wall patching filler to seal and fill any void area. The ambition is to improve thermal conductivity by up to 80% compared with standard patching fillers.

Advantages :

- Fix all minor and major defects and imperfections

- Delete thermal bridges

- Two times more efficient than standard patching fillers

- No VOC emissions : product based on mineral compounds