Sister projects

This project participates in the AMANAC Cluster: Advanced Material and Nanotechnology Cluster), by developing advanced materials and nanotechnologies for improving energy efficiency in buildings with a forward looking to circular economy policy. The current H2020 running projects are:

HomeSkin project: Thinner Insulation Systems


IsoBio project : Natural construction materials


Gelclad project : Highly efficient cladding eco-panels with improved nano-insulation properties


Eensulate project : High end material for modern buildings


Innovip project : Top-of-the-line insulating material vacuum-insulation-panels


Lawin project :  Technologies enabling energy-efficient systems and energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact


EcoBinder project : Innovative prefabricated concrete systems


E2VENT project: Energy Efficient Ventilated Facades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange