The Wall-ACE partners organised a project workshop during the IBPSA Building Simulation Conference in Rome on September 3rd 2019, in the time slot 14:30-17:00: Advanced Aerogel Insulation materials for the Building Envelope – New Solutions, performance and market perspective.

The detailed agenda is available here.

The presentations can be downloaded:

Workshop opening Welcome & Introduction (Lori Mc Elroy, IBPSA/BRE and Tina Oertel, quick-mix)

Session 1: The new Wall-ACE products and the AMANAC cluster

a) Brice Fiorentino (Enersens), New aerogel materials for insulation
b) Brice Fiorentino (for Toupret), Insulating interior patching filler
c) Tina Oertel (quick-mix), External high performance insulating render
d) Valentin Heinzinger (Leipfinger-Bader), High performance insulation material filled bricks
e) Valentina Marino (Vimark), Internal high performance thermal insulating plaster and thermal coating finish

Session 2: Performance Assessment

a) Lori McElroy (IBPSA/BRE), Performance of internal plaster at test building at BRE Innovation Park@Ravenscraig
b) Stefano Fantucci (POLITO), Performance of internal plaster in laboratory test and field conditions in ATC building
c) Etienne Wurtz (CEA), Large scale test installation and monitoring of the Wall-ACE products at CEA-INES
d) Thomas Stahl (AGITEC), Juergen Frick (USTUTT), Application test on external plasters
e) Juergen Frick (USTUTT), Certification and Life Cycle aspects