The Wall-ACE partners published the following papers:

  • Publications in conference proceeding:
    • Development of aerogel based internal thermal plasters for the energy retrofit of existing buildings: First results; Fantucci, S.; Fenoglio, E.; Isaia, F.; Serra, Valentina; Perino, M.; Dutto, M.; Marino, V.; Proceedings of the 4th International Conference On Building Energy & Environment COBEE2018: Link
    • Retrofitting the existing buildings using a novel developed aerogel-based coating: results from an in-field monitoring; Stefano Fantucci, Elisa Fenoglio, Giulia Grosso, Valentina Serra, Marco Perino, Marco Dutto and Valentina Marino; Proceedings of the 7th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC2018: Link
    • Experimental and numerical study on the performance of various filled hollow bricks; Marina Stipetic, Valentin Heizinger, Sergei Krupski, Oliver Zech, Hasan Ozkan, Jürgen Frick; Proceedings of Advanced Building Skins 2018: Link