Polito has the task to measure thermal properties of aerogel-based internal thermal plasters and thermal coatings through laboratory tests and in-situ monitoring. The laboratory tests on thermal conductivity, through a heat flux meter apparatus, have been so far aimed at supporting the manufacturer in the development of the product showing the best compromise between different properties and goals. The highest performance mixture is then applied on real buildings to test its behaviour under actual operating conditions.

So far a thermal coating has been applied on the indoor surface of an external wall and monitored for several months. On the same building located in Torino and constituting a representative case study, an internal thermal plaster will be applied and monitored in the next months.

Results highlight that the application of a thin thermal coating finishing layer can lead to a significant increment of the indoor surface temperature with a relevant decrease of the wall heat losses. Moreover, a mitigation of the effect of the thermal bridge has been observed

Other analyses aimed at determining acoustic and radiative properties will be performed in the next months on the final material composition.